Scholarship Alert (double dose): Saban and Sumlin each hand out multiple scholarships to walk-ons

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Sometimes handing out a scholarship isn't about the production it can be turned into, but rather a celebration of sweat, hard work, and determination finally coming to fruition for someone.

Now, handing out a scholarship like Notre DameWestern Michigan, or Marshall certainly has its perks on social media, but that's just not how some guys - in this case Nick Saban or Kevin Sumlin - operate.

Over the weekend, Texas A&M and Alabama both took the time to award a number of their walk-ons with scholarships, and while it may lack the glitz and glamour some programs put into theirs, the moment the kid learns he's on full scholarship is just as special, and that is evident through the their reaction, and the genuine reaction of their teammates.

First up, Saban's special announcement at practice, awarding guys that have been a part of the program for 4 or more years.

Here is Kevin Sumlin at Texas A&M awarding three scholarships during a team meeting (pay close attention to the reaction of the third player).