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Scholarship Alert: Marshall's creative way to present scholarships to two walk-on's may be the most entertaining of 2016

We're just a few weeks into fall camp, and already programs have come up with some impressive and creative ways to award walk-on's with scholarships.

Western Michigan got Sylvester Stallone to Row The Boat, and then Boise State read "letters from fans" the other day. Now Marshall is the latest to get in on the fun, and their approach may be the most entertaining of 2016 - at least so far.

To add some fun to the team meeting, defensive ends coach Sean Cronin put together a presentation of the celebrity lookalikes on the Thundering Herd roster ranging from Justin Beiber, to Ronda Rousey, to Lil Wayne, Brittani Griner, Rick James, and even The Predator.

Cronin crafted the presentation beautifully, complete with a picture of the celeb on the left and the player on the right, along with a story about how players might see these "celebrities" during camp and throughout the season and how they should behave.

At the end of the presentation, after everyone had been rolling around laughing for a few minutes, two pictures of players (both walk-ons) popped up on the screen...and they look nothing alike, which garnered a rather confused reaction from the crowd considering how it was set up.

Then a message popped up on the screen. "You're now on full athletic scholarship from Marshall University. Hard work pays off!"

Quite the creative approach, and it was both entertaining and surprising.