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#ScholarshipAlert: Bobby Wilder uses a Mother's Day card, and FaceTime to award scholarship to walk-on

While FaceTiming with a walk-on's mother in front of his players during a team meeting, Bobby Wilder gave one walk-on and his mother the surprise of a lifetime.

As soon as the assistant coach handed Wilder the phone in the team meeting room, the team knew something was up, and when the Old Dominion head coach explained that it was Mrs. Branch (the mother of Junior linebacker David Branch) on the phone, players had a hard time containing their excitement.

Wilder then called his walk-one linebacker to the front of the room and had him open an envelope while still FaceTiming with Mrs. Branch.

The card read:

Happy Mother's Day. I love you. I'm excited to say that I just received a full scholarship.

Of course, the team went nuts. Watch the full scene unfold in the video.