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#ScholarshipAlert: "If you can catch this punt, you've got a scholarship"

Here at FootballScoop we've become accustomed to the surprise and feel good #ScholarshipAlerts.

This one from San Jose State is a little different. Head coach Brent Brennan tells walk-on offensive lineman Trevor Robbins that if he catches a punt, there will be no sprints for the team.

He then turns the pressure dial up a bit more by adding that catching the punt will also mean he's got a scholarship for the next year.

See the video for how that situation plays out.

After witnessing Robbins drop the punt in rather dramatic fashion (look at his teammates reaction for full effect), Brennan goes up to him and hugs him to tell him he's getting the scholarship anyway.

Afterwards, Brennan tells his guys that "There's nothing more special on a football team than when you get to reward a walk-on with a scholarship."

Even though it may not have gone according to plan, the moment is still really special.