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#ScholarshipAlert: Georgia State takes its turn

Georgia State took its turn on the #ScholarshipAlert reality show on Friday. As always, the best part of these videos is the praise that each walk-on is showered with before he realize he is the one coach is talking about, and then the overwhelming congratulations his teammates give him. All that hard work he put in, the years and years of toiling in the proverbial dark, has not gone unnoticed or unrewarded.

"We've got a guy in this room that I've watched for the last seven months work his ass off, fight for everything, say nothing, do a thankless job, and continues to fight and fight and fight and fight," head coach Shawn Elliott says. "Doesn't blink an eye to anything that's asked of him. He exemplifies everything that we will be as a team this year -- everything as a team -- and he does it for free. He does it for free."

Nothing GIVEN. Everything EARNED!#NowOnScholarship#FeelGoodFriday


— GSU Football (@GeorgiaStateFB) August 11, 2017