Hawaii head coach Nick Rolovich has set a bar for how to award scholarships to walk-ons, and it’s one that apparently only he can clear.

A year ago, he awarded running back Ryan Tuiasoa with a scholarship on a team trip to the zoo.

He also sent snapper Brodie Nakama to the top of the high dive with scholarship papers awaiting him.

This year it was linebacker Max Broman’s turn. Broman — which, by the way, is the perfect last name for a white dude with long, curly blonde hair — was part of a group that got hypnotized. Except at the end Broman was awarded with a very real scholarship.

Rolovich has raised the bar so high now that I fear his players will grow too suspicious and suspect a scholarship will be awarded at each extracurricular team activity. He may have to do something totally boring to throw his team off the scent, like hand the next one out in a regular team meeting or something.

Eh, on second thought, he’ll probably have Elon Musk fly in from outer space with scholarship papers taped to his rocket Tesla.