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#ScholarshipAlert: Indiana goes from chewing kid out to giving him a scholarship, and EMU surprises walk on at NFL game

What started as a a run through of the special teams depth chart in a meeting quickly turned into a chewing out session after walk on backup special teams player Ryan Watercutter failed to stand up after Tom Allen simulated a special teams injury.

Little did Watercutter know, it was all a show, as Allen went from ripping him one to awarding him a full scholarship.

You've got to witness this one play out yourself. You can see Watercutter's face transform from embarrassed to surprised and grateful in a matter of seconds.

Eastern Michigan also put together an impressive plan for a senior walk-on wide receiver when they announced his full scholarship in front of fans at a Detroit Lions preseason game.

What could possibly be better than being surrounded by your teammates going nuts after hearing the great news? Well the roar of an NFL crowd is pretty impressive after this one.