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#ScholarshipAlert: Magician pulls a scholarship out of his hat at Texas

Garrett Graf had to have known, didn't he?

A walk-on offensive lineman simply doesn't get chosen to be part of a magician's act out of pure chance. Not in August.

No, Graf was chosen because the Texas coaches wanted something other than a rabbit to be pulled out of magician Robby Bennett's hat.

"There's a lot of guys here that deserve this just as much if not more than I do," Graf told his teammates through tears afterward. "But I promise I won't let you guys down. I appreciate this more than you can possibly imagine. This has been a childhood dream of mine just to be here, and to experience this, it's unbelievable."

So happy for @GarrettGraf75. Well deserved honor for a great teammate. #1-0

— Coach Tom Herman (@CoachTomHerman) August 17, 2017