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#ScholarshipAlert: Mike Norvell surprises a walk-on with a scholarship at Memphis community event

Mike Norvell set up a community event at Memphis restaurant Catherine and Mary's, which on the surface is a completely normal thing to do, especially this time of year.

However, while Norvell invited a special walk-on to the event being held, he also fibbed a little bit, telling "JoJo" that he'd be participating in a community service event.

Norvell gets on the microphone to tell everyone in the room what is about to happen before inviting JoJo and his brother in, calling JoJo up to speak up about what his commitment has meant to Norvell and the rest of the program.

What unfolds is a pretty cool moment.

Norvell ends the video by saying, "Being a part of this program is so much more than the jersey numbers that these guys put on their chest. It's a part of the family. It's a part of the community."