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#ScholarshipAlert from Minnesota featuring some special celebrity guests

PJ Fleck has carved out quite the reputation when it comes to creative ways to award walk-ons in his programs with scholarships.

It started at Western Michigan when he crafted an Easter Eggs hunts to surprise a walk-on, and celebrity appearances on the Jumbotron from Sly Stallone, and has continued with him leading the Gophers now.

In pop culture, there is no more relevant and beloved personality among fellow punters than former Colts punter Pat McAfee, who has gone on to build a unique personal brand for himself after leaving football (think - "FOR THE BRAND). That's who Fleck brought in to intro his latest #ScholarshipAlert for punter Jacob Herbers.

While McAfee adds some personality to the intro, former Gopher specialists make an appearance in the video as well to deliver the news and some congratulatory remarks.