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#ScholarshipAlert: Mullets and scholarships at Liberty

Before the room goes nuts, we get a picture of a team that really enjoys one another's company.

The best part of this video is not Liberty wide receiver Eddie Ogle At least, not necessarily.

Head coach Hugh Freeze calls Ogle, all 5-foot-9, 180 pounds of him, up before the team, nominally just to get to know him. No one in the room other than Freeze, the camera man, and the staff knows what's about to happen. But even still... Ogle and his teammates are loving it. Asking Ogle about his favorite food, poking fun at his mini-mullet, all of that is enough for the Flames right there. This is a glimpse of a team that clearly enjoys being around one another.

And then Freeze awards Ogle and the room goes crazy.