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#ScholarshipAlert: PJ Fleck gets super creative at Minnesota...again

In the world of #ScholarshipAlert, no coach in America has proven to be as creative as PJ Fleck. Here are a handful of examples, from jumping out of a plane, to a special Easter Egg hunt

That trend continued recently, as the he loaded his team onto busses to head to a Minnesota Twins game, where a handful of players were chosen to throw out the first pitch.

(I think you can see where this one is headed.)

Walk-on wide receiver Clay Geary was one of the players chosen, and after Geary and the teammates he shared the mound with met the catcher to get their balls back, the catcher told him "Coach Fleck has a message for you, brother. Congratulations."

The ball simply read: "You're on scholarship."

After some celebrating, Geary looked up at the Jumbotron to see a congratulatory graphic that filled the crowd in on what was going on.

See the whole thing unfold in the video.