Two #ScholarshipAlert videos from two different programs here this morning, and a total of three walk-ons getting their education paid for.

First up is Lane Kiffin who appears to be getting on redshirt senior running back Gerald Hearns, who Kiffin says they refer to as “the face of the program” quite often. Well Hearns decided to not go to pilates class after the scrimmage, so Kiffin had him stand up to make an example of him, going on to share that he ripped his assistant coach and all their meetings went to crap and put everyone in a bad mood, all because of Hearns’ decision to not go to pilates.

Then the pilates instructor stopped by to share a hand-written note. See the clip for how it all played out.

Then, at Florida, Dan Mullen calls out a few walk-ons for embracing their role on the punt team, having them stand up and proudly share what their role on the team is.

“Punt is the most important thing that we do, right? So it’s not right that you’re both walk-ons. Now you’re both on scholarship.”