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Scot Loeffler: I'm not going to use Bowling Green, win, leave, and watch this place go to hell

Back in 2018, when Bowling Green decided to move on from the Mike Jinks era after 7 wins in just under three seasons they sought to bring in a coach that had proven success at the college level and found that in Boston College offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler.

Loeffler is probably best known for his time as the quarterbacks coach at Michigan from 2002-07 working with some of the Wolverines most decorated signal callers, including Tom Brady, after being a Michigan quarterback himself in the early-to-mid 90's.

From Ann Arbor, Loeffler went on to coach the quarterbacks for the Lions and then Florida before landing as the offensive coordinator at Temple, Auburn, Virginia Tech, and then Boston College. When he landed the head coaching job at Bowling Green, Loeffler brought with him the experience of working with some of the best coaches in college football including Urban Meyer (Florida), and Frank Beamer (VT) as well as Gene Chizik (Auburn).

He's worked under accomplished guys that have built some of the most respected programs in college football, and Bowling Green was betting that we would bring some of the pedigree with him on when they brought him in to lead their program.

So far, through 14 games over two seasons, the Loeffler led Falcons went 3-9 last season and are off to an 0-2 start this year with very few bright spots to reflect on after losses to Toledo (38-3) and Kent State (62-24).

At his presser today, Loeffler came prepared with a clear message. He fully understands that their results on the field have been disappointing, and he's heard some longtime supporters of BG football say it's the worst they've seen things in 50 years, but he and his staff are committed to fixing it, and fixing it the right way without taking shortcuts.

"Many professionals in this business, when I took this job, they said 'It's not going to happen overnight. Not even close.'"

"It's really simple in our business. It's really simple. When a coach gets fired, and a new coach comes in and has instant success, that means that the coach in front of him has done a fantastic job inside and out, and he just ran out of time."

"We are not going to waver from what we believe in here. I was hired to do one thing, and one thing only, to bring this place back and get it to where there is sustainability. We are not going to go out and try and quick-fix this. We're not going to go out and get JC's. I am furious about where we are at, and I am not a very patient person. But I also understand what is realistic right now."

Asked if he knew the state of the program that he was tasked with turning around, Loeffler notes that he talked with former BG coaches like Dave Clawson about the blueprint that it takes to win there, and then added;

"I'm not going to use Bowling Green at all, and go out and recruit a bunch of people that shouldn't be here, win, leave, and then watch this place go to hell. That's not happening."

Loeffler really gets amped up in the second clip, talking about how the program was left, including having nearly no one left from the 2017 and 2018 signing classes to start his tenure.

See more of Loeffler's comments in the clips. Most of the quotes above are from the first video, but Loeffler gets really fired up in parts two and three videos below.