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Scott Cochran (finally) joins Twitter, and his first post is perfect

Alabama strength coach Scott Cochran may have been the final person -- or, at least the final person under the age of 60 -- in college football to not have a Twitter account. That changed last week.

Under the @CoachYeah handle, Cochran re-tweeted a hype video highlighting Alabama's offseason conditioning program, but on Monday he fired off his first original message. It's a video of his message to the Crimson Tide at halftime of last month's national championship game, when Alabama rallied from a 13-0 deficit to win, 26-23 in overtime.

No other way...I want this.

— Scott Cochran (@CoachYeah) February 26, 2018

But why now? Of all the days to send your first tweet, why today?

Well, today is February 26. The second month of the year, and the 26th day of the month. 2/26. That title-winning pass from Tua Tagovailoa to DeVonta Smith? It came on a 2nd and 26.

Yeah, indeed.