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Scott Frost addresses media question on dealing with "distractions" with a great sense of humor

When your trying to lead one college football program, and your name keeps swirling as a candidate at various open jobs around college football, to the outside world it may seem like a really tough job to keep your current team focused.

Scott Frost is in those shoes, as he's completely transformed a program that went 0-12 just two short years ago, to a 6-7 team his first year, and their current 9-0 streak this season. With the head coach at his alma mater on the hot seat with a brand new athletic director known to be very decisive, as well as other intriguing openings at premier programs like Florida and Tennessee, Frost's name is as hot as any as a guy ready to make a move - but with two games left (@ Temple and against USF), his focus truly is on finishing the season strong.

So how are he, and his guys, dealing with the distractions and staying focused? Well that's what a media member asked him recently, and he provided an answer showcasing his sense of humor.

"Yeah, there are a lot of distractions," Frost responded. "And you've got to be able to ignore all of them. You know, Star Wars is coming out in December, the new Call of Duty World War II just came out. There are things happening all over that could get our guys' attention."

"Our guys are fighting it by showing up and going to work. Right now we've got an environment where everyone loves being in the building and they love practicing, and that's rare. I see it everyday with the way that we start practice, and the energy in practice shows that guys are having fun, and you get a lot of work done when you have that attitude."

"Our preparation is going to help keep us from being distracted by Call of Duty, or anything else."

New take from Coach Frost on distractions today. You know, like Star Wars and Call of Duty

— Tyler Graddy (@TylerGraddyKN) November 13, 2017