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Frost explains what makes Oregon's walk-throughs "the best in the history of football"

Pretty much everything that Oregon does has a unique spin to it. That includes their "walk-through" sessions of practice.

At his post practice media session, offensive coordinator Scott Frost was asked about those walk-through sessions, which secondary coach / passing game coordinator John Neal (who has been in Eugene for 12 seasons) has openly referred to as "the best in the history of football".

Frost was sure to add that Neal "thinks everything is the best in the history of everything," but then added what makes their walk through's different, and of course, it starts with the pace but it's also very detailed, and that starts with the players.

"It's just really detailed. Even when we go walk-through, it's faster than most. We go fast, and get a lot of reps at things, and it's amazing how detailed our guys can be when we're going that fast."

The message here for no huddle guys is to simulate your pace in everything you do, including the timeless tradition of "walk-through" sessions in practice and use that time to focus on the details.