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Scott Frost explains why he broke a five decades old Huskers tradition to protect team's signals

Few things in the coaching profession are as guarded as play call sheets and signals, and in an effort to protect his team's signals, Scott Frost pulled a sideline switch-a-roo this past weekend.

After noting that Bob Devaney originally switched the team's sidelines from the west side of the stadium to the east side back in 1962, Frost noted that he felt taking his program back to the west sideline for their game against Penn State on Saturday would help protect the integrity of their signals.

If you're going to make a change like that, might as well do it during the COVID pandemic when there are no fans in the stands. That's exactly what Frost was thinking.

"With no fans in the stands, it's just kind of an empty barn in there. It's not a lot of fun and we need the fans back. But, it's real easy with us signaling in, to be able to see the East sideline from the coaches' box," Frost shared about signaling.

"I wanted to make sure we could do everything we could to protect our signals, particularly when there's less chaos in the stadium."

To take that a step further, Nebraska had staffers standing behind the signalers and holding up large signs meant to obstruct the view on Saturday.

Hear Frost's comments in the clip.