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Scott Frost: "A lot of coaches are in a hurry to take the next step..."

Once word broke that Mark Helfrich would not return at Oregon, it didn't take long for some folks to bring up first-year UCF head coach Scott Frost's name as a potentially interested replacement.

It didn't take long for Frost to come out and publicly state that he's not a candidate to return to Oregon. Today, the Orlando Sentinel published a piece where it asked Frost what would happen if mega-booster Phil Knight offered him $8 million a year to head west and lead the Ducks?

Frost's response to the question was telling.

"A lot of coaches are in a hurry to take the next step. I think you get yourself in trouble when you take a step before you're ready or before the time is right."

"I'm committed to making this place a really good football program that can win, and win consistently in our league. I'm not planning on looking for a job until we get to that point."

Some interesting names are being talked about for the opening at Oregon, but for now it looks like Frost is in no hurry to leave what he and his staff are building at UCF.

"When you recruit kids to come play for you and you agree to do something for a program; when you give your word to people, I think it's your responsibility to see those things through."

Head here to read the full article, with more comments from Frost on why he believes sticking around is the right thing for him to do.

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