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Scott Frost offers up some social media advice for recruits

Over the past several years, you could argue that social media has become an area that is every bit as important of a part of the player evaluation process for coaches as game tape is.

According to The World-Herald, Scott Frost offered up some advice on what he and his staff are looking for in recruiting, and - like most coaching staffs - character was right up there along with GPA as far as the most important, and social media provides a unique perspective into a player's character.

Frost shared that he and his staff are going to look at "every ounce" of social media they can get their hands on as a part of that evaluation and they're going to go as far back as a few years to find what a kid is really all about.

Then Frost shared a few things that will get you dropped from their recruiting board, as well as a simple piece of advice for recruits as it relates to social media.

“And I’ll tell you this right now — if there’s anything negative about women, if there’s anything racial or about sexuality, if there’s anything about guns or anything like that, we’re just not going to recruit you, period. Piece of advice for you — what you put on social media, that’s your résumé to the world. That’s what you’re trying to tell the world you’re all about. That’s how you’re advertising yourself. Be smart with that stuff.”

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