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Scott Frost: "There's a scoreboard in life. We shouldn't run from that. We should embrace it."

The Scott Frost era at Nebraska got off to a rocky start in 2018, with six straight losses to teams like Colorado (33-28), Troy (24-19), Michigan (56-10), Purdue (42-28), Wisconsin (41-24), and Northwestern (34-31). But in that game in Evanston, things started to click a bit for the Huskers and by the next week they had notched their first win (a 53-28 victory over Minnesota), and two weeks later they played Ohio State down to the wire in a close 36-31 decision.

Frost's Huskers ended the season by winning two of the last three games, finishing 4-8 overall, and had plenty of reason to optimistically carry some momentum into recruiting, spring ball, and eventually the 2019 season.

Dating back to taking over, one of the staples of Frost's approach in getting Nebraska turned around is his belief in having competition everywhere. That continues to be a point of emphasis for them.

"Listen, guys that I want in this program are guys that love to compete. We didn't have enough of that when our staff got here."

"We had competition out there today and it was offense against defense, it was our second time doing it. Every play mattered, every rep mattered. We were keeping score."

"Whether it's fair or not, or whether people like it or not, there's a scoreboard in life, and football, and everything. We shouldn't run from that. We should embrace that. I want guys who are at their best when their chips are down, and they need to compete."

See the full comments from Frost in the clip.