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Scott Satterfield apologizes for South Carolina interview

There are essentially two rules for sitting head coaches in interviewing for other jobs, especially in regards to a job that would represent a lateral move.

  1. Tell your AD ahead of time
  2. If you violate Rule 1, make sure you get the job

Scott Satterfield violated both of those rules in interviewing for a South Carolina -- a job he'd previously said he wasn't interested in, and a job that he never really had a chance of getting in the first place.

Satterfield's rationale was that it's close to his parents and, when explaining that rationale, also said he'd sit for an interview at North Carolina and NC State if they asked.

So, yeah. We all say we want honesty until we get it.

The Louisville head coach previously attempted to talk his way through it, but on Thursday issued this apology for the entire episode.

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No words on a page can erase the entire episode. As Satterfield says, he'll have to regain the trust of his bosses and Louisville fans through his actions.

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