On social media today, you’ll likely come across a number of Kobe Bryant tributes. Why? Well yesterday would have been his 42nd birthday, and today is 8/24 – meaning it is officially Kobe Bryant day in Orange County, California and unofficially Kobe day everywhere else he was admired.

Out in Los Angeles, Sean McVay and the Rams have found an interesting way to pay tribute to the LA icon with practice periods named after the late NBA great.

McVay and his Rams staff have implemented “Mamba periods” into their practices, which are periods dedicated to competition.

“You talk about the guy that epitomizes the mindset and mentality of a competitor that you want to embody, I know there are so many people that have an affinity for Kobe in our building, from players and coaches alike.”

“When we do a lot of competitive type periods, we call those ‘Mamba periods.’ We just want to be able to acknowledge that and know that he’s in our thoughts and prayers and so is his family.”

Hear more from McVay in the clip.