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Sean McVay hired a football writer as a football analyst

Andy Benoit helped turn Sean McVay into a household name in the football world. Now he'll work for McVay in the Rams' front office.

The Aug. 2, 2016 edition of Sports Illustrated contained a story, written by Andy Benoit, titled: "He's the NFL's Best Head Coaching Candidate. And He's 30."

You know the coach. Sean McVay was a known commodity within NFL circles at that time -- "I loved all the coaches that I played for. I absolutely did. But I would’ve been better if I had worked with Sean for my entire career. I have no doubt about that," said Chris Cooley about his then 24-year-old tight ends coach -- but that piece was McVay's coming out party to the NFL community as a whole. 

That 24-year-old tight ends coach is now the 35-year-old head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, and the writer of that piece is now a member of the Rams' front office.

This move has been in the works for a while, but become officially official -- Schefter official -- on Sunday night.

Benoit locked his Twitter account after firing off some controversial Colin Kaepernick takes in 2017, but he continued working for SI through November of 2019. At that point he left to become a scouting consultant for an undisclosed number of NFL teams, according to his LinkedIn page. That page says he lives in Boise. While this hiring means Benoit will go exclusive with the Rams, it remains to be seen if he'll move to Los Angeles or contribute remotely. 

Benoit's hiring continues the trend of NFL media moving into front offices. John Lynch left the Fox booth to be the 49ers' general manager, and Chris Spielman leapt from Fox to the Lions' front office. 

The democratization of technology -- access to all-22 film, analytics that didn't exist 15 years ago -- will only lead to more John Lynches and Andy Benoits in the future.