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Sean McVay says to stay at the top, you've got to be willing to evolve

After winning the Super Bowl, McVay makes a case for why teams at the top have to be willing to continually evolve.

At 36 years old, Sean McVay is still young by head coaching standards, and this year he's entering uncharted territory as the leader of the defending Super Bowl champs he while also had to replace a handful of coaches.

Appearing on the I Am Athlete podcast, McVay shared some perspective on what the off season has been like as the defending champions.

"I've heard Troy Aikman say this, and I think it's so true. Humility is only a week away in this league. So we have got to be in the moment." 

For McVay, defending their title also means they've got to evolve.

"This league is too competitive. Everyone is studying the teams at the top of the league, and if you think you're going to do the same shit you did in previous years and have the same success, you're kidding yourself."

"I've had a good dose of humble pie in my first few years in LA, and if we want to continue to operate at a high level, what I've also learned is that things have to go your way."

"I think we're going to be a really good team again, but I also know that you've got to have the right things happen at the right time.'

McVay goes on to share his belief on why the NFL has such a loyal and passionate following is in part due because it has some similarities to the men's basketball tournament. 

"One of the reasons I think people love the NFL so much is that it's the closest thing to March Madness. The best team doesn't always win. Whoever plays the best in that three-hour window wins. A lot of the things that occur are sometimes outside of your control, like the bounce of a ball here or there when the ball hits the ground and that ends up being the difference in a one possession game."

Hear more from McVay below.