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Sean McVay used a huddle as a shield as part of his red zone strategy last night

Folks that have been around a long time, and have seen the evolution of football schemes and strategies always seem to share that trends tend to happen in cycles.

For at least a decade now, teams have been shifting away from huddling going with a no huddle approach - some utilizing tempo, and others just opting to scrap the huddle all together for various other reasons. Some college teams, perhaps most notably Gus Malzahn's Auburn teams, have utilized a quick "sugar huddle" where guys get set quickly and snap the ball in an effort to outflank and surprise the defense.

Something along those lines happened last night in the Bears vs. Rams game though that I haven't seen done before. Chalk it up to another level of offensive genius by Sean McVay.

Inside the five yard line, McVay used a "sugar huddle" approach, but added a nice little twist that threw the Bears for a loop.

Likely anticipating man coverage, notice how Rams receivers Josh Reynolds (#11) and running back Darrell Henderson Jr. (#27) break the huddle and cause confusion in the Bears secondary. There seems to be some deception involved with receivers lining up in the huddle on the right and then hiding behind offensive lineman and heading to boundary side of the field for the play to execute.

McVay continues to be one of the most innovative offensive minds in the game. This is another great example of that, and how huddling can be used to your advantage deep in the red zone.