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In search of the best sign you've ever seen at a football facility (Wednesday update)

A few days ago, this sign came to our attention courtesy of the folks at TexasPreps.

The sign got us to thinking about the various signs at other facilities (both high school and college) that you may have come across, or perhaps see on a daily basis at your own program, that are worth sharing with other coaches. Thinking about this myself, I tried to think of signs that I may have come across during my time working for The Scoop, and this one from Tennessee back in 2011 sticks out more than any other. Ok, so it's not exactly a sign, more of a graphic, but the message it sends is important. When it first came out many people (including CBS) took it at face value, thinking that it read "opportunity is nowhere". However, depending on your perspective, it also reads "opportunity is now here". See it now? If you've got a sign in your facility, or a sign that you've seen on your travels that the coaching community would benefit from seeing, share it with us on Twitter (@CoachSamz) or via email (


UPDATE: Here are a few signs that coaches sent our way since publishing the article.


At Georgia Southern

You can't "have it your way" at Edmond Memorial HS.


Edmond Memorial HS (OK)