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FootballScoop is in search of the best recruiting stories and pictures of 2014-2015


As coaches are racking up rental care miles and frequent flier miles visiting recruits, some very strange story lines have a tendency to develop.

Last year, the story of Tom Herman, who sat in traffic for 17 straight hours before abandoning his rental car and walking the final few miles to the airport (he was eventually picked up by a friend), won the unofficial recruiting story of the year. That one is hard to top.

This recruiting cycle may have lacked a story like Herman's that set social media on fire but, as someone who has hit the recruiting trail himself, I know there are some stories out that that have been shared inside the walls of the staff meeting room and have never made it out....until now.

This article is an opportunity to share with the rest of the coaching profession some of those stories from your time on the recruiting trail that made you laugh, cry, or maybe it was just an experience that left you scratching your head in utter bewilderment.

We're looking for the best stories, tweets, pictures (thank goodness for camera phones), or whatever else you may have from coaches at all levels. If you recruit, and have something funny, or interesting to share whether it's football / recruiting related or a funny picture (like Bielema's below) that you snapped on the road, I want to hear / see it and share it with our audience.

Tweet them to @CoachSamz or send an email to me at, and we'll sort through all the submissions, share them on this page, and then crown a winner later in the week.

To get things kicked off, this tweet from Bret Bielema last week served as my inspiration for the article, and also struck me as a bit odd.

A phrase all coaches are familiar with during recruiting season: #TableForOnePlease

Now entering...Hot Coffee, Mississippi?????