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The SEC has announced a number of rule changes for 2016, including adjustments to targeting, defenseless players, and why coaches should behave


Down in Destin, FL at the SEC meetings last night, the league's head of officials Steve Shaw met with reporters to talk about a number of rule changes that will be enforced in 2016.

In all, over a dozen rule changes were introduced (head here to see a full run down), and Trey Schapp of 103.7 The Buzz and Jake Rowe of 246 Sports were there for a run down of the changes.

It's important to note that at the meetings, SEC coaches voiced their full support of in-helmet communication between players and coaches and that starting in 2017, coaches will be able to use video in the coaches booth and locker room at halftime.

Here are some of the more interesting and impactful changes.

1) Any ball carrier that chooses to slide will be protected as a defenseless player.

2) Coaches will now be ejected for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the same game

3) There will now be 30-second timeouts and full timeouts, much like basketball
In the event that a timeout doesn't result in a TV timeout, coaches will be able to request a full timeout ince per half. Otherwise, timeouts will be 30-seconds.

4) No more tripping of ball carriers allowed

5) Players within the tackle box can block below the waist, but cannot once they leave the tackle box. Once the ball leaves the tackle box, a player cannot block the waist of another player moving from the inside to the perimeter of the box. 6) Targeting calls will ultimately be the call of the official in the stadium, but he will have access to assistance from three people in the SEC command center. Those in the command center do not have the authority to stop a game.

7) The league medical observer can now stop a game

Head here for an easy read on all the rule changes.