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SEC announces East-West crossover games for 2014 through 2025


Conference expansion, boiled down to its its roots: positive, more money; negative, two presidential elections will pass between Alabama makes its next trip to the Swamp. We well know by now where conference commissioners and university presidents stand but, as an outsider, it sure would be nice if the SEC's multitude of superpowers played each other more often.

ESPN's Brett McMurphy fired off this tweet following the SEC's Monday announcement of crossover games through 2025: 

...and that's the thing. The list of powerhouse vs. powerhouse SEC crossover games ends at two in 2015. That's a fact of life in a 14-team conference with eight league games. 

As always, scheduling games nearly a dozen years out is extremely subject to change. The biggest agent of change, of course, is if and when an SEC team is left out of the four-team playoff due to suspect schedule strength. In that event, either the Playoff goes to eight teams or the SEC's schedule expands to nine. On the plus side, though, today's seven-year-olds now know where their crossover game will be played during their freshmen campaigns of 2025.

(via SB Nation)