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Leach wants 64-team College Playoff

Mississippi State coach Mike Leach during his Wednesday session at SEC Media Days not only endorsed a proposed playoffs expansion of 12 teams but wants the tournament grown even larger.

Dabo Swinney wants the status quo. Mike Leach? The 'Pirate' wants the College Football Playoffs expanded 16-fold.

A day after Swinney told reporters in a press gathering on the Clemson campus that both he and his Tigers' players were not in favor of the CFP's proposed expansion from a four-team tournament to 12, Leach at Southeastern Conference media days Wednesday went the opposite direction.

“It's never enough,” Leach said of the postseason field in college football's top division.

Last month, Leach's own school president, Dr. Mark Keenum, issued a statement in his role as chairman of the College Football Playoffs Board of Managers, that addressed the group's decision to advance studies on playoff expansion.

"The four-team playoff has been a great success, and I'm confident it will remain a success,” Keenum said in the statement. “Nevertheless, it is our responsibility to explore options to make it even better by increasing the number of schools that participate in it. …

"We have relationships with the bowls and a broadcast partner with whom we will want to consult to explore the feasibility of the 12-team proposal.”

Never afraid to speak his mind, Leach wants more.

“I'll tell you: Dr. (Mark) Keenum, our president, is on that (CFP) committee,” Leach said. “So I know they're in good hands. I think that part is outstanding. I think 12 teams is a huge step in the right direction.

“I personally would like to see 64, and you could format it out pretty easily. But I think it's a huge step in the right direction, and I look forward to it.”