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SEC releases end-of-season schedule

We're now close enough to the end of the year to say that the Big Ten and the Pac-12 did not get it right.

Those leagues sat on the sidelines during a relative lull during our country's pandemic journey, then returned as cases rose with zero margin for error.

You know who did do it right? For one, the SEC.

The conference played the middle track, waiting until Sept. 26 to start but still affording itself 13 weeks to play 71 total games (10 games for all 14 teams, divided by two, plus the SEC Championship).

And if this schedule comes to pass, the SEC will have needed all 13 weeks, but they'll get all 71 in.

The conference on Friday dropped an updated schedule for the final two weeks of the regular season, which will see 12 teams in action on Dec. 12 and up to 10 playing on Dec. 19.

All six Dec. 12 games are makeups from earlier in the season, and four more on Dec. 19 will fill in gaps created to get this weekend's games in.

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The SEC anticipates to get five of six games in this weekend; Vanderbilt-Georgia has been postponed due to covid issues at Vandy, and Ole Miss (off this weekend) has paused activities until Wednesday at the earliest.

This will be a season no one will ever want to repeat as long as they live, but it looks like it'll also be a success.

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