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SEC warns schools of fines, suspensions in memo

Through two weeks of its season, the SEC is 14-for-14 in playing games as scheduled and, as we sit here on Thursday afternoon, looks like it's going to go 21-for-21 through three weeks.

But as the NFL has taught all of us in the last week, the virus is a relentless opponent who never takes a moment off.

In a conference-wide memo, first obtained by ESPN, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey encouraged/admonished schools to continue practicing social distancing and mask-wearing like it's early August and the season was on the brink -- or face the consequences.

"The imposition of any reduction in Conference revenue for failure to substantially comply with or repeated disregard of the SEC masking requirement will be determined at the Commissioner's discretion," the memo states. "In addition, individuals who fail to comply with or disregard the masking requirement could be subject to penalties, including but not limited to, suspension for a specified period."

Additionally, teams found not to be in compliance with SEC protocols could face $100,000 reductions in their conference payout, which would increase by $100,000 with each week of non-compliance.

We're not told what, exactly, will draw a fine and/or suspension, but the SEC would like very much if its coaches would not force them to draw the line.

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