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Seinfeld co-creator Larry David wants to shadow an OC for a year: "I'm positive I could be an offensive coordinator"

The infamous Larry David, the co-creator of the hit series Seinfeld and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm, appeared on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and confessed that he is a big New York Jets fan before going on to note that he thinks he's more than capable of being an offensive coordinator.

Asked by a co-host on the show if he was joking, David replied with a stone cold face "No, I'm not joking."

"I am positive that I could be an offensive coordinator. All I would have to do...I think if I just studied, if I just hung around, and just learned a little bit..."

"Give me one season shadowing an offensive coordinator, just one season, and I know that I could do it. What could be so hard about it? You make up plays. Why is that so hard? I'm creative, in certain respects and I think that I can do that. I think I can."

"Here's what I'd do. If an offensive coordinator out there, on any team, allows me to shadow for a year...I know I could do the job."

Hard to tell if David is tapping into his sense of humor here, or if he really thinks that after a season he'd be capable of calling an offense at any level.

Anyone have a spot open on staff for the celeb? David could probably swing an unpaid internship...