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How do you send your Seniors off after their last practice?


Think back to your last football practice as a high school (or college) senior. Chances are, if your coaches did something special for it, you remember just as clearly as you remember your wedding day, or the birth of your first child.

That last day with your staff and teammates holds a special place for a very long time.

With CollegeGameday out East for the Harvard-Yale game, Chris Fowler caught a rare glimpse of Harvard's tradition for their Seniors as they take their last lap. Fowler then tweeted a picture of the special night.

That got us to thinking about the different approaches around the country for seniors on their last day. How do you send off your seniors? Do you have a "final lap" for the seniors as well, where they take their time around the field one last time before shaking hands/hugging all the underclassmen with a word or two of advice? Or maybe you have underclassmen carry the seniors off the field on their shoulders after the last practice? Or do you do something completely different that you'd like to share with the coaching community? If you're in the playoffs, and you never know when your last practice is, how do you approach a senior sendoff? Share your approach in the comments below, or share via Twitter with me @CoachSamz and I'll update the article with the various approaches.