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How to set up an effective practice, according to Nick Saban

ESPN's Training Days, the series that peels back the curtain on both Nick Saban and the Alabama football program, has already had its fair share of great content, but the latest clip being shared around social media is a true gem for coaches.

The cameras were allowed inside a staff meeting and were able to capture Saban talking a little bit about efficient practice structure to his entire staff, a number of whom are new faces to the Alabama program and Saban's way of doing things.

In short, Saban gets on his guys about not explaining the expectations of a drill well enough to players during a meeting, which ultimately led to wasted time and reps.

"If we go out there and it's four minutes of explaining how to do the drill, rather than doing the drill, then we've kind of missed the target," Saban shared.

"Everything should get explained and shown to players in the meeting. Then it should get a walk through. Then we actually have practice. Then it actually ends up in a group period, then a team period, and then we go do it."

"It's five different opportunities for them to learn how to do it, but it starts with showing them in the meeting. And most of the time pictures do a lot better than talking."

"Everything gets taught in a meeting."

See everything Saban has to share in the clip.