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Seven questions we're asking for Week 7

Auburn Miss State

Last week doesn't offer the coast-to-coast, sunrise-to-sunset madness that Week 6 promised (and then over-delivered), but the quality is there. Here are seven questions we're asking entering Week 7:

1. Who's the Number 1 team in the country? Florida State won't cede its No. 1 ranking until it loses a game, but whoever emerges with its undefeated record intact Saturday evening in Starkville will be the No. 1 team on every (entirely meaningless) mock College Football Playoff bracket. And it will be entirely earned. Auburn, should it defeat Mississippi State, will have won on the road at No. 17 Kansas State, taken LSU to the woodshed, and beaten the No. 3 team in the country on the road, all while looking like an improved version of the team that came 13 seconds away from a national title last season. Mississippi State, should it defeat Auburn, will have knocked off then-No. 8 LSU, then-No. 6 Texas A&M, and then-No. 2 Auburn in consecutive weeks, rising from unranked to No. 1 in less than a month.

2. Who is this season's Top 10 disappointment? Officially, South Carolina already has retired the Biggest Disappointment title retired for 2014, but the Gamecocks have been so bad that it's clear by now this is a team that should not have been ranked in the Top 10 to begin with. Down years happen, and South Carolina's was obvious in retrospect after losing Jadeveon Clowney and Connor Shaw. That's on us, not them. A 2-loss Oregon or UCLA seemingly out of the Playoff picture by mid-October? That's on them.

That Marcus Mariota and Brett Hundley can rank first and fifth nationally in passing efficiency while their offensive lines rank 108th and 124th in sacks allowed speaks to just how unbelievable those quarterbacks are.

3. Is TCU at Baylor the most fascinating game of the weekend? Since I'm the one who put this question the list in the first place, I'm going with "yes." Search throughout college football and you'll find many rivalries where the fan bases hate each other, but the coaching staffs share much more respect than hatred. For example, the game kicking off 100 miles north of Waco three and a half hours before Bears-Frogs gets underway. Here, you've got fan bases that have no use for each other meeting coaching staffs that share no love for each other. See last year's beef between Gary Patterson and Art Briles. Add in that these coaches can scheme with anyone in the country and that the winner sits firmly in the Big 12's cat bird seat and you now understand why I said yes.

4. Can Arizona keep it going? Under Rich Rodriguez, Arizona has proven to be the type of team that can beat anyone anytime. That's beyond reproach now. But with USC coming to Tucson Saturday night, can Arizona take the next step and become a program that can beat anyone all the time?

5. Who's winning the SEC East this weekend? A Georgia win gives the Dogs a tiebreaker over Missouri (obviously) with Florida and Kentucky tied with one loss (for now). A Missouri win puts the Tigers at 2-0 and a full two games ahead of Georgia and South Carolina, with a one-game lead over Florida and Kentucky. Fitting that the SEC West title will surely go down to the final weekend while the SEC East will be wrapped up by mid-October - unless you're a believer in the dark arts of Professors Stoops and Muschamp.

6. Does the Ole Miss defense travel? The Texas A&M offense that pushed the Aggies to 5-0 looked like a group playing its first formidable opponent on the road last week - which, of course, they were. Kenny Hill tossed three interceptions and threw 62 passes for 5.9 per attempt while his receivers dropped nine passes. Now enter Ole Miss, heading to College Station for an absolutely gargantuan game with the nation's best pass defense thus far. The Rebels rank second nationally in yards per attempt allowed (4.6), with the nation's best touchdown-to-interception ratio - 1-to-10! - on 166 attempts. A high-scoring game does not benefit Ole Miss, so Dave Wommack needs more of the same on Saturday.

7. What's next in the Brady Hoke circus? Two weeks ago he turned his handling of quarterbacks into a national controversy, and a week ago he turned Gary Nova into the best quarterback in the Big Ten. What's he got up his sleeve for Penn State under the lights?