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The seven plays that cost Clemson an upset of Florida State


What's the most painful way to lose, tasting the sweet nectar of victory on the tip of your tongue only to have it turn into sour defeat, or simply getting pulverized into oblivion?

Anyone wearing orange and purple can make you a pretty strong case after Florida State's come-from-behind 23-17 overtime win over Clemson on Saturday night. The 'Noles trailed 17-10 in the fourth quarter, and turned the ball over inside their own territory inside of two minutes left in the game, and still won.

As if each of these plays wouldn't already be running through their mind indefinitely, here are the seven plays that turned the tide on Saturday night. Any one of these goes differently, and we may have a new No. 1 on Sunday morning.

  • Not under-throw a wide-open tight end on third-and-goal on the first drive of the game.
  • Not miss the ensuing field goal.
  • Not snap the ball over your quarterback’s head while knocking on the door of another touchdown, moving from the four-inch line to the 24.
  • Not missing that ensuing field goal.
  • Not having your defensive back fall down in front of Florida State’s best receiver, allowing an otherwise silent Rashad Greene to stroll in for a game-tying 74-yard touchdown grab.
  • Not fumbling the ball at the Florida State 14 with 1:36 to play, missing a chance at a game-winning touchdown or field goal.
  • Not running the ball on fourth-and-1 against a stacked box in overtime.

Congratulations to Jimbo Fisher and staff, and hugs to Dabo, Chad Morris and the folks at Clemson. Lots and lots of hugs.