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Should every college (and high school) head coach be doing this ASAP?

With every new press conference there seems to be more and more recommendations coming from the CDC and federal, state, and local governments about how to effectively deal with COVID-19.

Schools have been shut down, many high school winter sports championships and the NCAA tournament have been cancelled, spring football practices have been called off, and no one is real sure when this all might end...and even if / when sports do return what they will look like.

That speculation has led to plenty of folks asking about whether all of this means a cancellation of the college football season could be possible.

This morning I happened to see this tweet from Peter Burns who shared that every college football coach should cut a public service announcement of their own with a message along the lines of:

"If you don't take this virus seriously, there is NO shot in playing football this fall. The quicker we do all of this, the quicker we can get back to normalcy."

That's actually a pretty good idea, if you ask me. This is about so much more than sports, as entire industries have been shaken to their cores.

Ed Orgeron has been one coach who has notably gotten in front of the camera to deliver a public service announcement pretty early on in this whole ordeal. Georgia also put out their own social distancing hype video.

Seems like it might be a good idea to have college coaches band together and implore the college football community for their full cooperation to ensure we get a handle on this pandemic as soon as possible.

Head high school coaches might want to consider doing the same for your local communities. Maybe get together as a conference and do one together.

Just an idea, and considering the unprecedented times we are currently in, ideas on how to slow, and eventually eliminate this threat we are all facing are great things to be sharing.