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Show this to parents of your players: "Coaches do have favorites"


Earlier this morning I did an article on parents at Coppell HS (TX) filing an official grievance with administrators about coaches playing "favorites". They even went as far as picketing in front of district buildings about it.

The piece sparked a healthy amount of conversation on Twitter, and one in particular caught my attention and was worthy of sharing with the rest of the coaching community.

Among the responses was this from a high school assistant coach named Matt Fletcher out of Holly Springs HS (NC) that included a letter from an anonymous coach addressing an accusation of having "favorites" and treating them different than others. his response is something that all coaches should see.

You can see his tweets below. In addition, I've blown up the text to make it easier to read.

You may want to keep this around and share it with parents at your pre (and post) season meeting.