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Showing up at a coach's vacation house unannounced

This morning a headline passed and caught my eye: The Secret Life of Chip Kelly.

The article was written by Robert Huber of the Philadelphia Magazine. I was intrigued and read through the lengthy article interested to see what insight the author had to share.

Huber traveled to New Hampshire to learn about Chip's past. There are some stories that he heard here and there (none of which were particularly insightful in my opinion); but then the author decides to go, unannounced, to Chip's parents' house and knock on the door. Kelly's father politely tells the reporter that he doesn't discuss Chip outside of the family and the reporter leaves. As he drives away, the reporter is upset with himself that he didn't even press on and ask a few questions despite Kelly's father telling him he wouldn't answer questions. What? Yeah, read that again. What?? Fittingly, as he's contemplating turning around to head back, a member of the Eagles' media relations staff calls the reporter and asks if he had just shown up at Chip Kelly's parents house and politely says something to the effect of, "Have you lost your mind?"

Despite the phone call, the reporter decided it was a good idea to drive by Chip Kelly's vacation home in the area a few times. Upon seeing a car in the driveway the reporter decides to walk on up and ring the doorbell. Yep, he did that.

Kelly was there. "Dressed in a dark t-shirt and running shorts. His hair is wet, as if he's just showered," his article notes. The reporter asks Kelly if they can talk. Kelly says no, "I think my private life is my private life. It's the way it's always been. I come up here to get away." The reporter adds that Kelly's tone isn't unfriendly and adds there is no sarcasm as Chip shakes his hand and sees him off.

I found the entire interaction very, very bizarre. What would make a reporter think that it was a great idea to show up unannounced, knock on the front door (of a coaches vacation home nonetheless) and say, "Hey, have some time for me to interview you here?" Was he thinking Chip would invite him in, perhaps offer him some pita chips & iced tea while they chatted. I don't get it.

There are plenty of coaches who would be happy to visit briefly with people while away from work; but I'm pretty sure just about every one of them would appreciate the courtesy of an advance request. In the future folks, make the call in advance.