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An SI writer took a hilarious shot at predicting the updated AP Poll (and was really close)


With five of the top eight teams losing yesterday, the AP Poll that comes out later is going to look drastically different than last week's version.

Because one person's guess is as good as the next person's at this point, Sports Illustrated's Martin Rickman sent out this tweet last night with a humorous look at what the latest version of the college football top 25 may look like, and it was quite the hit.

As of this morning, the tweet had nearly 250 retweets and almost 150 favorites.

When the actual poll comes out, it's going to be interesting to see how close this satirical version actually is to the real thing.

Update>> The official AP Poll has been released and Rickman's prediction of the top 10 is comically close to the real deal. #7, #9, and #10 were off, but the top 6 were right on the money.

Even though he didn't exactly name the SEC teams, seven out of ten isn't bad at all, especially considering that this was one of the craziest weekends in recent memory for college football.