When a new head coach is hired, it’s always fun to try and come up with a clever hashtag.

When Mike Neu was hired at Ball State a few seasons ago it marked #ANeuEra. The best one of this off season probably goes to when Josh Heupel landed the job at UCF, sparking #TheHeupIsReal. As you can see, the fun is really only limited by your creativity and imagination.

With Sonny Dykes heading out for his first practice at SMU recently, the video team decided to put together an #AlwaysSonny themed clip, of course, inspired by the hit show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Those that follow the show will really appreciate this.

In a unique twist, Dykes will actually be on the sidelines leading his new team just nine days after being announced as the head coach, leading the Mustangs in the DXL Frisco Bowl. That bowl game is less than a week away, kicking off on December 20th.

Because of that, you’ll notice in the clip that Dykes is going around getting to know individual players, and asking guys about certain things they like and are comfortable with from Chad Morris’ offense, so they can begin to mesh that with what Dykes is bringing in to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible.

“The big thing that we want to do, is if there is something you guys like, or want, let us know and we can tweak it a little bit,” Dykes is heard explaining to one player.

See Dykes interact with his new players in the clip.