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It appears SMU's recruiting graphic got copied by Texas, and Rhett Lashlee had the perfect response

Rhett Lashlee had the perfect response after it appeared the Longhorns copied their graphic.

Last week, as SMU coaches hit the road to do some recruiting the creative department shared a graphic.

Doing so has become almost customary at this point for college football programs, but as Zach pointed out last week, SMU included a unique tip of the cap to their past in the graphic with the gold Trans Am.

Let's revisit that graphic real quick to set the table for what happened next.

Fast forward to yesterday and Texas shares the same type of graphic announcing their coaches hitting the road, and the layout they decided to use seems like it's ripped directly out of the SMU playbook.

There's a whole lot of similarities there, right down to the car underneath the coaches all bunched up. Seriously, no way that can be a coincidence, right? 

Well first-year SMU head coach Rhett Lashlee took note, and cued up the perfect Texas-inspired response.

Nothing says "we see you" quite like channeling an iconic movie scene from your award-winning actor alumnus.