A few days ago, a video of a newly hatched sea iguana being chased by a bunch of sea snakes went viral, with one of the original videos gathering over 53,000 RTs and 70,000 likes.

The video was featured in Monday’s One Minute Warm Up, but if you need a refresher, take a look below. The way they capture the iguana’s fight for his life and the chase by the runner snakes will have glued to the edge of your seat.

To have a little fun, and to capitalize on the viral sensation, Stanford released their own fun and entertaining video starring running back Christian McCaffrey in the place of the hatchling sea iguana.

The way that they edit this video is nothing short of brilliant. You’ll notice when it seems as if the snakes have captured their prey, the scene cuts to McCaffrey being swarmed with defenders, and when the prey breaks free, McCaffrey also somehow breaks free to the safety of the open field heading for the end zone.

Once again, well done Stanford.