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Snipers at Razorback Stadium? An Arkansas state representative says "count on it."

One week ago, no one was even thinking of the need for guns at football stadiums. Now an Arkansas state representative believes there will be teams of snipers at Arkansas's Razorback Stadium in response to a bill allowing the state's colleges to opt out of an expanded conceal-carry handgun law.

Appearing on KARK-TV in Little Rock on Friday, Arkansas state representative Charlie Collins told viewers to "count on" snipers at football stadiums in the near future.

Anchor: "This is something U of A has talked about, possibilities there could be snipers, actual true sniper teams, at Razorback Stadium, correct?"

Collins: "Yes."

Anchor: "That doesn't mean it's going to happen, but that could be part of their plan."

Collins: "Count on it."

Anchor: "So you're saying there will be sniper teams."

Collins: "Count on it. Yes, I'm saying count on it."

Could snipers be at Razorback Stadium as a security plan to opt-out of #CampusCarry? @CollinsARK w/ strong

— Aaron Nolan (@AaronNolanNews) March 31, 2017

A reader tells us this is a thing at Michigan games. Any others?