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Snoop Dogg coaches football exactly like you expect he does

The MMQB's Emily Kaplan has a profile up of former Washington wide receiver John Ross today. As Kaplan writes, this DeSean Jackson-in-the-making was a standout from the first time he put on pads, catching the attention of Snoop Dogg as a 7-year-old. He gained such a reputation as a playmaker in the Long Beach football scene that he earned a spot in Mr. Dogg's All-Star football league.

As you may suspect, Snoop loved coaching football but wasn't particularly concerned with run fits or making sure his linemen had proper splits. Ross explains:

“People always ask me what it was like playing for Snoop,” Ross says. “I'm telling you, he actually coached. He was at every practice. He called the plays in the huddle.”

The Snoop coaching playbook, according to Ross: “Snoop loved to scrimmage. We’d get there, warm up, then he goes, ‘O.K., let’s scrimmage!’ In games, he always called an all-out blitz. Nobody calls an all-out blitz at that age. We were 9-years-old. Nobody throws the ball! But he called the 6-2 Dogg House, his favorite play. That means everybody goes. Everybody. Safeties can be 30 yards deep and they come too. What’s crazy is it actually worked.”

Ross also confirmed that, yes, playing in Snoop's league meant regular sleepovers at Snoop's mansion and being chauffeured by Snoop's driver.

Snoop also had his own digital series last year following his coaching exploits.

One can imagine the experience of playing for Chris Petersen was not quite the same.

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