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Someone put together a 5-minute compilation video of PJ Fleck's best pregame talks

Some people hold the belief that there's nothing quite like a fiery pregame speech just before the team hits the field, while others hold the opinion that if pregame speeches actually mattered, there'd be a whole lot more motivational speakers trying to get into coaching.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, someone went back and found the best pregame speeches from PJ Fleck.

Throughout the video Fleck, led by his signature energy and catchphrases, uses little-known stats, grabs props from a bucket, and overall leaves no stone unturned in his final address to his team before kickoff. Seems that all of these come from his time leading the Western Michigan program, and none from Minnesota just yet, but there's no doubt Fleck is taking a very similar approach with the Gophers.

Check out the full video.