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Sources: Boise State is targeting...

Sources tell FootballScoop Boise State is targeting Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore to become the next head coach of the Broncos. Sources add that if Moore does choose to return to Boise, over remaining in the NFL, Boise would like to agree to terms in the coming days.

Moore went 50-3 as the Broncos' quarterback not too long ago. Moore is to Boise as Tim Tebow is to Florida, as Vince Young is to Texas. Consider the praise Gary Patterson, one of the top defensive minds of his time, heaped upon Moore as a player.

"I really like the way he handles himself on and off the field. In the two times we've played them, I think I've only fooled him once in 120 plays. He doesn't get fooled. He knows where the ball is supposed to be going. He's just like having a coach on the field. He's extremely intelligent, extremely talented and extremely accurate. The kids believe in him. He doesn't get rattled... He's a complete football player the way he does things on and off the field. It's fun to watch him. I'm an admirer of Kellen Moore."

That quote is nine years old, before Moore spent six seasons soaking up knowledge as an NFL quarterback and three gaining experience as a coach.

The timing might be right for Moore to come home. His current employer, the Dallas Cowboys, are mired in a 5-9 disappointment, and it's entirely possible Mike McCarthy takes over play-calling duties as a shake-things-up move heading into to the second season of his own Super Bowl-or-bust tenure.

Should Moore choose to remain in the NFL, sources tell FootballScoop Boise State has another alum ready to go.

This one could be completed in the coming days. The Cowboys play Sunday afternoon. All of Boise will be watching.

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