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Sources: Ohio coaches have an interesting proposal for making practices and games safer in 2020

A few Ohio coaches have shared the following graphic of specific changes coaches and fans may be able to expect in 2020. The list provided includes 22 changes and include some really minor adjustments, along with some pretty significant ones.

The proposal below includes comparisons to the 2019 season, and a whole lot of new changes to navigate. It is our understanding that the list of 22 items is an abbreviated version of what is being formally proposed.

According to coaches that I spoke with, this is just one proposal they hope to move forward with as we all continue to wonder how this fall will look compared to years past. Most coaches are aware of the NFHS extending the coaching box for this season to the 10-yard line on each side, and the addition of time during timeouts to allow kids to grab their own water bottles since they can no longer be shared, due to COVID concerns.

While things like those won't be a surprise to most coaches, things like having players report to practice at staggered times, and practice periods of no more than 9 minutes each may be new ideas for some coaches and states. My understanding, is because the CDC counts 10-minutes of being close to someone who tests positive for COVID as an "exposure" the 9-minute recommendation would keep players out of that exposure designation should a player end up testing positive.

Coaches we spoke with also share there are some puzzling items on the full proposal as well. Sources shared that one of those items is players needing to have four t-shirts on game day: one to be worn during pregame, one in the first half, one in the second half, and one for after the game with plastic bags provided for each player to put their shirts in when changing.

The point of that one? I'm no expert by any means, so your guess is as good as mine.

No word on if, or when this may make it to the desk of decision makers at the OHSAA, but it certainly gives us some interesting things to ponder.

Take a look at the abbreviated proposal below.

Ohio Coaches Proposal